About Us

Quality, ethically sourced coffee

Hacker Brews offers high quality, ethically sourced coffee beans with tech-themed naming for our varieties.

We work personally with family-owned US-based artisan roasters and hand-select our offerings, because we believe we should stand by our product. This means that our roasters take extra care through every step of the process. Many roasters and offerings didn’t make the cut, because we believe we should sell products we’d use ourselves (and we do!)

We are online only, offering whole-bean and ground coffee with free US shipping. Most products are roasted in the state of New York, United States. Each coffee offering will list the bean country of origin, as well as farm information where available.

Source control

Great coffee starts at the farm. Our roasters hand-pick the farms to work with every season, often including travel to the farms directly for quality control and sampling.  As part of the selection process, farms must be sustainable so as to be minimally impactful to the environment, while also delivering great flavor through the beans.

Environmental care is at the core of our selection.


Each selection goes through many trials of choosing a roasting profile. The profile determines the heat, over time, that brings out the best flavor of the particular coffee yield. Small changes to a profile can dramatically change the outcome of the flavor, so nuance is key. Once a profile is chosen, those settings are used for all future batches of the offering, delivering continuity of flavor bag after bag. 


Coffee is roasted by-the-order, meaning that your coffee order will be roasted just for your order. The date sticker placed on each bag will show you the roasting date, so you know you’re not getting some off-the-shelf bag that’s been sitting for months. 

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