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Pulled from the depths of silicon itself, /dev/null is our darkest offering, providing a robust smoky chocolate flavor that’s sure to leave you awakened. The /dev/null Indonesian single-origin dark roast coffee is sure to leave you satisfied in any application.


Region/Farm:Sumatra, Indonesia
Notes:Strong Bodied Smoky Chocolate
Style:Dark Roast
Processing:Wet Hulled

Indonesian Single-Origin Dark Roast Coffee

Experience the bold, smoky flavor of Indonesian single-origin dark roast coffee from the Sumatra region. Grown at elevations between 1100-1500m, this coffee is wet-hulled to impart a unique earthiness to its flavor profile. When roasted as a dark roast, it has strong notes of rich chocolate and a full-bodied taste. The high elevations and wet-hulled processing method combine to create a cup of coffee that is sought after by connoisseurs who appreciate its depth and complexity. Indulge in a cup of this exceptional coffee and discover its unique flavor profile for yourself.

About Wet-Hulled Coffee

Wet-hulled coffee processing is a method of preparing coffee beans for the roasting process. It is primarily used in the production of coffee in Indonesia, and is also known as the Giling Basah method. The process involves removing the outer layers of the coffee cherry to reveal the inner beans, which are then left to dry in the sun.

The key difference between wet-hulled coffee processing and other methods is that the beans are only partially dried before the outer hull is removed. As a result, the coffee with a unique flavor profile that is prized by some coffee connoisseurs. The beans are then dried further before they are shipped off to be roasted and brewed into the final cup of coffee. This method of processing has been used for centuries in Indonesia, and is still used today to produce some of the country’s most sought-after coffees.


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