Insider Threat Decaf – Colombia Single-Origin Coffee

Experience the unique flavors of Colombia with our single-origin arabica coffee beans. Grown at high altitudes and roasted to perfection, these beans offer a smooth and complex cup with notes of cocoa and raisin. Try our Colombian single-origin roasted coffee today and taste the difference.

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We know you’ve always been suspicious of Greg from the mail room, but this time you’ve caught him red-handed. All this time you thought he was drinking caffeinated coffee like the rest of us, but he’s been drinking DECAF. Insider Threat is the best Colombian single-origin decaf coffee on the market.


Region/Farm:MC, Colombia
Notes:Smooth Cocoa, Raisins
Style:Medium Roast
Variety:Various Arabica

Colombian Single-Origin Decaf Coffee

Single-origin Colombian decaf Arabica coffee is made from high-quality coffee beans sourced directly from the best coffee farms in Colombia. These beans are carefully selected and roasted to perfection, resulting in a rich and flavorful cup of coffee. The decaffeination process used to make this coffee does not compromise its taste or quality, making it a great option for coffee lovers who want to enjoy the flavors of Colombia without the caffeine. The Arabica beans used in this coffee are known for their smooth and well-rounded flavor, making it a perfect choice for a satisfying cup of decaf coffee.

About Washed Coffee

Washed coffee refers to the process in which the outer layer of the coffee cherry, known as the parchment, is removed before the beans are dried. This process is carried out using water, hence the term “washed.” The result is a cleaner and more consistent flavor in the final cup of coffee.

One advantage of washed coffee is that it allows for a more controlled and precise fermentation process. During fermentation, the mucilage surrounding the coffee beans breaks down, and this process impacts the final flavor of the coffee. By washing the beans before fermentation, the process is more consistent and the flavors in the coffee are more predictable. This can be particularly beneficial for specialty coffee roasters who are looking to produce a consistent and high-quality product.


12oz Bag, 5lb Bag

Whole Bean or Ground?

Whole Bean, Ground


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